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About iphone:

An item application made for use on Apple's iOS-energized iPhone devices. iPhone applications are open through the Apple App Store and are expected to continue running on Apple's iOS flexible working structure, which controls the iPhone and furthermore Apple's iPad and iPod Touch contraptions.

Apple urges architects to program their own specific iPhone applications for download through the App Store, and the association has released a SDK with test code endeavours to empower originators to start. iPhone applications in the App Store can be wholeheartedly downloaded or obtained by customers, with salaries for the last shared between Apple (30%) and the item design (70%). Support for in-application purchases in iPhone applications offers designs an additional salary decision.

IOS is Apple's portable working framework that runs the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch gadgets. Initially known as the iPhone OS, the name was changed with the presentation of the iPad.

IOS uses a multi-touch interface in which straightforward motions are utilized to work the gadget, for example, swiping your finger over the screen to move to the following page or squeezing your fingers to zoom out. There are more than 2 million iOS applications accessible for download in the Apple App Store, the most famous application store of any cell phone.

Much has changed since the main arrival of iOS with the iPhone in 2007. In the least complex terms, a working framework is the thing that lies amongst you and the physical gadget. It translates the summons of programming (applications), and it gives those applications access to highlights of the gadget, for example, the multi-touch screen or the capacity.

Versatile working frameworks like iOS contrast from most other working frameworks since they put each application in its own particular defensive shell, which keeps different applications from altering them. This makes it unthinkable for an infection to contaminate applications on a versatile working framework, albeit different types of malware exist. The defensive shell around applications likewise postures restrictions since it keeps applications from specifically speaking with each other. IOS gets around this by utilizing extensibility, a component that lets an application be affirmed to speak with another application.

Who Can Learn iphone:

  • Professionals from Analysts background.
  • Software Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Fresher’s / Professionals from any field
  • Graduates looking for a career in Android.

With the growing era of technology and need to constantly update oneself to outstand in the competitive market, Yes Trainings has come to existence to provide people the knowledge about the latest trends in technology . We provide a team of trainers who will put across a thorough and detailed idea about the respective technical courses that you wish to explore .

Everyone is using Android in their mobile. With the huge use of Android based mobile phones. Most of the companies who are running any business and have their websites, are now trying to make their own apps. Because users are now changing their way of access any online material on their mobile phone. And switching users from desktop or laptop to mobile phones.

So there is huge demand of developing mobile apps. Everyone want to have in the race of change. They want to develop their mobile apps, so that they can attract more clients or customers.

iphone Course Content :

  • Objective-C
  • Frame works
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Foundation Framework
  • The iPhone Frameworks

  • Objective-C

  • Objective-C Classes and Objects
  • The @interface and @implementation Compiler Directives
  • Method Declaration and Definition
  • Nested Arguments
  • Class and Instance Methods
  • The alloc and init Methods
  • Managing Memory Using Retain and Release.
  • Properties, Retain, Assign, Copy.
  • Multiple-Argument Messages
  • Understanding the id Variable type
  • Categories & Protocols.

  • UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate

  • Adding a UIView and UIViewController to a UIApplicationDelegate
  • Connecting UIWindow, UIApplication, and UIApplicationDelegate
  • Try This: Exploring MainWindow.xib
  • UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate
  • The main.m file
  • Handling Application Life Cycle Events.

  • UIView and UIViewController

  • The UIView Class
  • The UIViewController Class
  • View-based Application Template
  • IBoutlet and IBAction
  • Using a View-based Application Template

  • Buttons
  • Text Fields
  • abels
  • Sliders
  • Progress
  • Switch
  • Web View
  • Image View
  • Segmented Control
  • Date picker
  • Picker
  • Alerts & Action Sheets
  • Page Controller

  • Basic NS Classes

  • NSString, NSObject
  • NSArray, NSMutable Array
  • NSDictionary, NSMutable Dictionary
  • Other etc important classes

  • Tables Using UITableView and UITableViewController

  • UITableView
  • UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource
  • UITableViewDelegate
  • UITableViewDataSource
  • Adopting the UITableViewDelegate and
  • UITableViewDataSource
  • UITableViewController.

  • UINavigationBar, UINavigationController, and UINavigationItem
  • Try This: Building a Three-View Application Using a Navigation Bar
  • Adding Another View
  • Try This: Duplicating the Utility Application
  • More on the UINavigationController
  • Pushing and Popping
  • Try This: Using a Navigation Controller in a Tab

  • UITabBar and UITabBarController

  • UITabBar, UITabBarController, UITabBarItem, and UITabBarControllerDelegate
  • Using the Tab Bar Application Template
  • Adding a Tab Bar Item to a Tab Bar Application
  • Allowing Users to Customize a Tab Bar

  • XML Parsing


    Core Data

  • Core Data in brief
  • Creating Core Data Model
  • Entites, Attributes, Relationships
  • Generating NSManaged Object
  • Adding Objects
  • Saving Changes
  • Fetching Entities
  • Deleting Entities

  • Creating DataBase using simple firefox SQLite Manager
  • SQL Database Manipulations
  • Opening the DataBase
  • Statements, Preparing Statements, executing statements
  • Select

  • Multimedia

  • Playing Sounds AVAudioPlayer, AVAudioPlayerDelegate
  • Media Player Framework MPMoviePlayer Controller

  • Core Plot (Bar Graph’s) & Core Graphics Introduction.

    Google Maps & Annotations Introduction.

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