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About IOT :

The Internet of things (IoT) is the social occasion of different arrangement of physical devices like PCs, pen drive , hard drive , sorting out contraptions, satellite, vehicles, home machines and diverse things related and organize with equipment, programming, sensors, actuators, and accessibility is done between such all devices so they can talk with each other They can give any gauge of data to each other. Each and every contraption is especially named and perceived its uniqueness through introduced preparing structure. In addition, it takes a shot at the present web establishment.

The Internet of Things or IoT is an umbrella term for a wide scope of fundamental advances and administrations, which rely upon the utilization cases and thusly are a piece of a more extensive innovation biological system which incorporates related advances, for example, manmade brainpower, distributed computing, cutting edge cybersecurity, progressed examination, huge information, different network/correspondence advances, computerized twin re-enactment, enlarged and virtual reality, blockchain and the sky is the limit from there.

From a business point of view biological communities, in the wide feeling of organizations, joint efforts, channel associations, unions and environments of advancement/cooperation are likewise key to IoT.

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of endpoints (gadgets and things) which can be exceptionally tended to and related to an IP (Internet Protocol) address. With the Internet of Things, gadgets can be associated with the Internet, sense, assemble, get and send information and speak with each other and applications by means of IP innovations, stages and availability arrangements.

The interconnection of physical gadgets with installed detecting and correspondence potential outcomes, including sensors and actuators, isn't new and has a long history in the feeling of M2M systems of which it is a next and more extensive advance. In the Internet of Things, physical endpoints are associated through exceptionally identifiable IP addresses; whereby information can be accumulated, collected, imparted and examined (progressively at the edge of the system: edge registering and haze processing) by means of inserted hardware and programming, IoT hubs and IoT doors, extra availability advances and the cloud, systems and IoT stages with a developing incorporation of AI, IoT and different innovations, for example, blockchain.

The IoT is an extra layer of data, association, exchange and activity which is added to the Internet on account of gadgets, equiped with information detecting, investigation and correspondence capacities, utilizing Internet innovations. The Internet of Things additionally connects advanced and physical substances and forces data driven robotization and upgrades on the level of business, society and individuals' lives.

Who Can Learn Internet of things :

  • Software testing and automation professionals
  • DevOps Consultants
  • Stakeholders/IT Developers
  • Security professionals/IT operations personnel

With the growing era of technology and need to constantly update oneself to outstand in the competitive market, Yes Trainings has come to existence to provide people the knowledge about the latest trends in technology . We provide a team of trainers who will put across a thorough and detailed idea about the respective technical courses that you wish to explore .

They can share any amount of data with each other. Each and every device is uniquely named and identified its uniqueness through embedded computing system. And it operates on the existing internet infrastructure.

The IoT helps us to remotely control any device connected to each other with the use of existing network infrastructure. So this creates more secure way of connection between physical world and computer systems. This will result in fast, accurate, secure and improved services. It will also benefit economically. Due to direct access it will reduce human intervention which in returns will lead to more accuracy.

Internet Of Things(IOT) Course Content :

->> IoT System Overview and Applications.
->> Why IoT is essential
->> Android Usage in IoT
->> Linux Operating System in IoT
->> Business with IoT
->> Machine Learning
->> Artificial Intelligence

->> IoT Device Architecture
->> Client Server Architecture

->> Embedded C
->> Interfacing peripherals & Programming.
->> Linux OS Internals and kernel
->> Multithreaded Applications
->> Design Consideration –Cost and Performance.
->> Embedded Development Boards.
->> Android using BlueZ/Bluedroid Core stack
->> Wifi stack and networking protocols
->> Transport layer Protocols TCP vs UDP
->> Building and executing TCP Client and Server
->> Building and executing UDP Client and Server
->> Web Services using JSON, REST, SOAP
->> Proficient understanding of code versioning tools such as Git

Types of IoT Testing:

->> Why IoT Testing
->> White Box, Black Box Testing
->> Functional, Sanity Testing
->> Stress, Performance and Functional Testing
->> Unit testing, System level Testing
->> Manual and Automation
->> IoT Device/Network Testing.
  • ->> Embedded C test cases development

  • ->> Test case Automation

  • ->> User mode and System level API testing
    ->> Interfacing peripherals testing
    ->> Basics Linux OS and kernel internals (Memory, Scheduling subsystems etc)
    ->> Basic Multithreaded Applications
    ->> Design Consideration –Cost and Performance.
    ->> Embedded Development Boards.
    ->> BIOS, Kernel, Drivers, Application communication.
    ->> Android using BlueZ/Bluedroid Core stack
    ->> Wifi stack and networking protocols
    ->> Transport layer Protocols TCP vs UDP
    ->> Building & Executing TCP Client and Server
    ->> Building & Executing UDP Client and Server
    ->> Testing Web Services using JSON, REST, SOAP
    ->> Proficient understanding of code versioning tools such as Git
    ->> Production Support /Enhancement Project
    ->> 24/ 7 Project

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