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About Informatica :

Informatica is a Software progression association, which offers data compromise things. In the occasion that offers things for ETL, data covering, data Quality, data impersonation, data virtualization, expert data organization, et cetera.

Informatica Powercenter ETL/Data Integration instrument is a most for the most part used mechanical assembly and in the ordinary term when we say Informatica, it insinuates the Informatica PowerCenter gadget for ETL.

Informatica Powercenter is used for Data mix. It offers the capacity to interface and get data from different heterogeneous source and treatment of data. For example, you would interface be able to with a SQL Server Database and Oracle Database both and can facilitate the data into a third system.

The latest variation of Informatica PowerCenter open is 9.6.0. The unmistakable variants for the PowerCenter are

Informatica is a Software improvement organization, which offers information coordination items. On the off chance that offers items for ETL, information concealing, information Quality, information reproduction, information virtualization, ace information administration, and so on. I might want to propose Informatica Online Training is the best establishment to learn consequently innovation, this is close to home recommendation.

Informatica is a Software improvement organization, which offers information coordination items. On the off chance that offers items for ETL, information concealing, information Quality, information reproduction, information virtualization, ace information administration, and so on. I might want to propose Informatica Online Training is the best establishment to learn consequently innovation, this is close to home recommendation.

Informatica Powercenter ETL/Data Integration apparatus is a most broadly utilized instrument and in the normal term when we say Informatica, it alludes to the Informatica PowerCenter device for ETL. Informatica Powercenter is utilized for Data coordination. It offers the ability to interface and bring information from various heterogeneous source and preparing of information.

Who Can Learn Informatica :

  • Professionals from Analysts background.
  • Software Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Fresher’s / Professionals from any field
  • Graduates looking for a career in Android.

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Informatica Course Content :

  • 1. SQL
  • 2. PL /SQL Basics
  • 3. Toad and SQL Developer Tools
  • 4. Data Warehouse
  • 5. Informatica Power Center 9.6
  • 6. Unit Testing
  • 7. Deployment activities
  • 8. Unix Basics and Shell scripting
  • 9. Real-time Projects

  • SQL Introduction

  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Data Retrieval Language (DRL)
  • Transaction Control Language (TCL)
  • Data Control Language (DCL)

  • Data Types

    Conditional Selections and Operations

  • Where
  • Order by

  • Operators

  • Arithmetic operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Logical operators
  • Arithmetic operators

  • +, -, *, /
  • Comparison operators

    • =, !=, >, <, >=, <=, <> • Between not between • in, not in • null, not null • like

    Logical operators

    • And • Or • Not



    Single row functions

    a. Numeric functions
    b. String functions
    c. Date functions
    d. Miscellaneous functions
    e. Conversion functions

    Group functions

    a. Sum
    b. Avg
    c. Max
    d. Min
    e. Count

  • Buttons
  • Text Fields
  • abels
  • Sliders
  • Progress
  • Switch
  • Web View
  • Image View
  • Segmented Control
  • Date picker
  • Picker
  • Alerts & Action Sheets
  • Page Controller

  • Basic NS Classes

  • NSString, NSObject
  • NSArray, NSMutable Array
  • NSDictionary, NSMutable Dictionary
  • Other etc important classes

  • Tables Using UITableView and UITableViewController

  • UITableView
  • UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource
  • UITableViewDelegate
  • UITableViewDataSource
  • Adopting the UITableViewDelegate and
  • UITableViewDataSource
  • UITableViewController.

  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Records
  • Conditional Statements
  • Procedures
  • Functions
  • Parameters-Procedure, Function
  • Exception Handling

  • Data Warehouse Introduction

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse
  • What is a DataMart
  • What is the difference between a data warehouse and a Data Mart
  • OLTP
  • ODS (Operational Data Sources)
  • What is Staging area and why we need it in DWH

  • Schemas

  • Star schema
  • Snowflake schema
  • Dimension and Fact

    Types of Dimensions

  • Slowly Changing Dimension( SCD)
  •    a. SCD-Type1– Current Data
       b. SCD-Type2 – Historical Data
       c. SCD-Type3 – Partial History
  • Confirm Dimension
  • Junk Dimension
  • De Generated Dimension

  • Types of facts

  • Additive
  • Semi-Additive
  • Non-Additive
  • Factless Fact Table

  • Granularity

    Data cleansing

    Surrogate key

    Difference between a primary key and a surrogate key

    Top Down approach

    Bottom Top approach

    ETL – INFOMATICAPOWER CENTER 9.6 Infomatica Overview

  • Power Center
  • Power Mart
  • Designer
  • Workflow Manager
  • Repository Manager
  • Integration Services
  • Repository Services
  • Integration Service Process (ISP)
  • Data Transformation Manager (DTM) Process
  • Session
  • Workflow
  • Source Definition
  • Target Definition

  • Source Qualifier
  • Filter
  • Expression
  • Router
  • Session Level UPDATE else INSERT
  • Mapping Level UPDATE else INSERT
  • Update Strategy Transformation
  • Mapping level
  • Session level
  • Joiner Transformation

  • Differences between dynamic lookup and static lookup

    Difference between mapping level and session level variables

  • Session level variables
  • Mapping level variables
  • Sequence Generator
  • Normalizer Transformation
  • Incremental logic or Delta or CDC

  • Using parameter file
  • Using oracle Control tables
  •       Transaction Control Transformation
    a. Connected
    b. Unconnected

    Lookup Caches

  • Persistent cache
  • Re-cache from lookup source
  • Static cache
  • Dynamic cache
  • Shared cache
  • Aggregator
  • Analytical Functions

  • First row Function
  • Last row Function
  • Flat Files
  • Delimiter
  • Fixed Width
  • List Files
  • SCD Type-I Update else Insert & SCD Type-II

  • Effective-Date Approach
  • Flag Approach
  • Version Approach
  • SCD Type-III

  • Constraint Base Load in Session Level
  • Parameter Files
  • Rank Transformation
  • Stored ProcedureTransformation
  • Sorter Transformation
  • Input Transformation
  • Output Transformation
  • Union Transformation
  • SQL Transformation
  • Java Transformation Overview
  • XML Generator
  • XML Parser
  • Mapplet Input Transformation
  • Mapplet output Transformation
  • Some other IMP transformations
  • Performance tuning in Infomatica
  • Infomatica Session Log shows busy percentage
  • Target Update Override
  • Overriding the WHERE Clause
  • Difference between 7.x and 8.x and 9.X
  • Power Center 9.X Architecture.
  • Shortcuts
  • Recovery
  • Session Log
  • Debugger
  • Worklets
  • Active & Passive
  • Standard & Reusable
  • Scheduling
  • Email Task
  • Decision Task
  • Concurrent Workflows
  • Complex Mapping
  • Error Handling
  • Mapplets
  • Code Pages
  • Meta Data
  • Versioning
  • Third Party Tools

  • Putty
  • Edit Plus
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – File Zilla
  • UNIX Introduction to the UNIX Operating System

  • What is UNIX?
  • Files and processes
  • The Directory Structure
  • Starting an UNIX terminal
  • Listing files and directories
  • Making Directories
  • Changing to a different Directory
  • Copying Files
  • Moving Files
  • Removing Files and directories
  • Displaying the contents of a file on the screen
  • Searching the contents of a file
  • Pipes
  • Other Useful UNIX commands
  • Basics of the VI editor

  • Shell script to upload files in Infomatica server
  • Shell script to transfer files from Infomatica server to remote server
  • Shell script to load Data
  • Shell script to create indicator file
  • Shell script to create indicator file
  • Some other useful scripts.

  • Real time standard unit test cases will be explained.

  • Introduction about Deployment
  • Deployment activities on different DB environments.

    Introduction about Database Environments
  • TEST
  • DEV
  • QA
  • UAT
  • PROD
  • PROJECTS Development

  • Migration Projects
  • New Development or Start up project
  • Support

  • Production Support /Enhancement Project
  • 24/ 7 Project

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